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Immergity Immigration


Specialists in:

  1. Permanent Residence - Express Entry

  2. Spousal Sponsorship

  3. Study Permit

  4. Provincial Nominee Program

  5. PGWP and Work Permit

About Us

The immigration laws in Canada are complex and could be confusing for a layman. In order to be more adaptable to the changing social-economic needs of the Country, statutes and regulations are constantly updated. This creates confusion on where to send your application, and what forms to fill.


Choosing the wrong category to apply in, not knowing about a program that better fits your qualifications and experience, sending your application to the wrong visa office, or even using an out-dated form can delay your application by months (or years) and cost you unnecessary time and money – not to mention the risk of a refusal and having to start over again.


As your Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Immergity Immigration merely simplifies the process for you. 

Immergity Immigration Consultant

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Immergity Immigration Inc. provides immigration solutions to individuals and employers. We are a company incorporated under the Canadian Laws & our portfolio includes several immigration services


We provide a personalized service to achieve the immigration goals you have envisioned. Every case is dealt with utmost professionalism while presenting it to the immigration department. As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Mississauga, Ontario, we provide Canadian immigration services for families, individuals, and businesses. We specialize in Permanent Residence, Spousal Sponsorship, Study Permit and Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP).


We will not shy away from holding your hand throughout the process. And it doesn't end there. We understand that once you land in a new country you need all the support to transition Into a new environment, and we will be here for you. 

Beware of Ghost Consultants

Safeguard yourselves against fraud and unlicensed 'agents/consultants'. Click here to be redirected to CICC's website to authenticate the identity of your representative. Simply enter their name or search by their license number.

Know your Consultant

Pranav Bhushan, RCIC, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

The principal consultant - Pranav Bhushan, RCIC is a member in good standing with the ICCRC-CRCIC.


License# R705848. 


Verify status with ICCRC

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Professional Fees

  • Express Entry - starting from $3500.00+HST

  • PNP programs- starting from $4500.00+HST

  • Spousal Sponsorship- starting from $4000.00+HST

  • Work Permit Extensions- starting from $800.00+HST

  • PGWP Applications- starting from $750.00+HST

  • TR to PR Pathway - starting from $1500.00+HST

  • Care-Giver Programs - starting from $3500.00+HST

  • Visitor Visa- starting from $850.00+HST

  • Family Class Sponsorship- starting from $3500.00+HST

  • Citizenship Applications- starting from $500.00+HST

Note: Fees indicated above are for professional services and do not include government fees to IRCC

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