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Express Entry programs

Here is a summary of what you need to know about the 3 permanent residence programs to apply under Express Entry system:

​Eligibility criteria

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Trads Program


English or French

  • CLB 7 with NOC 0 or A

  • CLB 5 with NOC B

English or French

  • CLB 7

​English or French

  • CLB 5 for speaking and listening

  • CLB 4 for reading and writing

Work Experience

Canadian experience in 1 of these NOCs:

  • 0

  • A

  • B

​Canadian or foreign experience in 1 of these NOCs:

  • 0

  • A

  • B

Canadian or foreign experience in a skilled trade under NOC B jobs

Amount of work experience

One year in Canada in the last 3 years (either combination of full-time or part-time work)

One year continuous within the last 10 years (combination of part-time, full-time or more than 1 job in your primary occupation)

Two years within last 5 years (either combination of full-time or part-time work)

Job offer

Not required.

​Not required.

But you can score up to 200 additional points for having a valid job offer.


  • A valid job offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least 1 year or

  • a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority


Not required.

Secondary education required.

You can get more (FSW) points for your post-secondary education.

​Not required.

If you’re eligible for one of the above programs, you can also apply through Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program. If you’re nominated, you’ll get 600 extra points and be invited to apply quickly.

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