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The Global Skills Strategy Program - Canada

The Global Skills Strategy program of Canadian immigration was created to provide fast-track access to Canadian work permits for highly-skilled international talent allowing you to quickly and easily gain permanent residence in Canada.

Global Skills Strategy Canada

What is the Global Skills Strategy visa for Canada?

The Global Skills Strategy visa for Canada is an initiative by the Canadian government to attract the world’s most talented and highly skilled workers. Through this program, employers are able to access these highly skilled workers faster and with more predictability. With GSS, employers benefit from faster application processing times, work permit exemptions, and enhanced customer service.

The Global Skills Strategy visa allows employers to hire highly skilled foreign nationals without having to go through a regular work permit process. This makes it easier and faster for employers to hire talent from abroad, as they no longer need to wait for a regular work permit application to be approved. Additionally, foreign nationals who receive a GSS visa can enter Canada without a work permit, as long as their stay in Canada is for less than two years.

Overall, the Global Skills Strategy provides Canadian employers with access to highly skilled foreign workers in a quicker and more predictable manner. With this strategy, employers are able to bring on top talent and fill important positions in their company. This helps to ensure that Canadian businesses have the talent they need to succeed in the global marketplace.

This not only benefits in getting you a work permit, but the relevant work experience gained also opens the doors for a Canadian Permanent Residence.

What is the eligibility criteria for the Global Skills Strategy visa for Canada?

Highly skilled applicants can apply under the following three categories:

  1. Labour market impact assessment (LMIA)-exempt workers

Workers who are exempt from the labour market impact assessment (LMIA) qualify for 2-week processing of their work permit application if they meet all of these requirements:

  • They’re applying from outside Canada and are exempt from the LMIA requirement through, for example, one of Canada’s international trade agreements or as an intra-company transferee.

  • Their job is either skill type 0 (senior management) or skill level A (professionals) of the National Occupational Classification.

  • The employer has submitted an offer of employment using the Employer Portal and paid the employer compliance fee.

International Experience Canada applicants are not eligible for 2-week processing.

2. Workers who require a Labour market impact assessment (LMIA) qualify for the 2 week processing time:

  • If they’re applying from outside Canada.

  • If the employer has a positive LMIA through the Global Talent Stream.

These applicants must also

  • answer “yes” when asked during the online eligibility check: “Did Employment and Social Development Canada issue your employer's Labour Market Impact Assessment under the Global Talent Stream?”

  • apply as soon as they receive the employer's LMIA decision letter

3. Spouses and dependents

Spouses, common-law partners and dependent children must submit a complete application and apply at the same time as the worker.

What are the requirements to apply for Global Skills Strategy?

When applying from outside Canada, you will need to submit the following:

  • A filled-out and complete application form

  • Qualify under the Global Talent Stream (if it applies to you)

  • A medical examination report (if required)

  • Police clearance certificates

  • Authorized translations of documents that are neither in English nor in French

  • Application processing Fee

  • Biometrics results within two weeks of your application’s submission (if required)

Confirm with your local visa office requirements to ensure all necessary documents have been included with your application.

Note: DO NOT forget to check and submit your country specific requirements.

What are the work permit exemptions under the Global Skills Strategy program?

Under the strategy, 2 types of workers do not need work permits for short term work:

  • highly skilled workers

  • researchers

Highly skilled workers

These workers must meet both of these requirements:

  • Their job is classified under Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) category 0 or 1 in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

  • They will work only for one of the following short periods of time:

    • up to 15 consecutive days once every 6 months

    • up to 30 consecutive days once every 12 months


These workers must meet both of these requirements:

  • They will perform research at a Canadian, publicly funded, degree-granting institution or its affiliated research institution.

  • They will work for 1 period of 120 days in Canada once every 12 months.

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