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What is CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score?

CRS (the Comprehensive Ranking System) is a points allocation system used for ranking Skilled Workers under the Express Entry mechanism based on the following factors:

1. Language skills – French or English

a. The maximum points a candidate can score for language are – 28 points.

b. These points are only accounted for if the candidate submits a valid language test report such as IELTS, CELPIP or TEF for French.

c. Candidates are ranked based on their score for – Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

PRO TIP: You should at scoring – 8(Listening), 7(Reading), 7(Writing), 7(Speaking) – for IELTS.

2. Education - If you have an overseas education you must have an ECA report from an authorized agency. Educational Credential Assessment report evaluates whether your overseas degrees/diplomas are on par with Canadian education.

a. There are various ECA agencies that are approved whose reports are considered eligible – These are – WES, ICAS, CES. IQAS & ICES.

3. Experience - Maximum 15 points

a. Your work experience contributes towards your CRS points.

b. You can claim points for the number of years you worked full-time that was paid and a minimum 30 hours weekly. An equal amount of part-time work is also eligible.

c. The claimed points need to be supported with valid experience documents from relevant employment pertaining to NOC – 0, A, B, C or D.

PRO TRIP – For EE(Express Entry) when applying as a FSW, only NOC 0, A or B jobs are considered. NOC C, D are considered valid if applying under the Federal Skilled Trades Program – FST.

4. Age - Points will be awarded to applicants for their age – Maximum 12 Points

a. The age calculation is done from the day your application is received.

5. Employment arranged in Canada - Maximum 50 - 200 points

a. Arranged employment needs to be supported with an LMIA. NOC 0 employment earns you up to 200 additional points. NOC A, B earns you a maximum of 50 additional points.

b. The job offer needs to be for a minimum of 1 year on a full-time permanent basis.

6. Adaptability – Maximum 10 points.

a. You will be awarded points based on your past study, work, or arranged job offer, and relatives in Canada. Your common-law-partner or spouse if immigrating to Canada with you can also incur additional points for adaptability.

b. Relatives need to be blood relatives. Cousins, uncle, aunts or cousins etc. are not considered as blood relatives.

Eligible candidates need to submit a profile in the Express Entry pool, where you are ranked based on your CRS scores.

The Government of Canada regularly issues Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence to the highest-ranked candidates through regular draws from the Express Entry pool and aims to process applications within six months.

If you do not have enough CRS points, there are ways to improve your CRS score. Check them here.

If you wish to get a professional assessment for your candidature, contact us now.

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